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No respect

To the Editor: It appears the Keizer City Council has no respect for the judgement of the voters in Keizer. Judging by the results of the special meeting on imposing a fee for city parks, the council will—in all...

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Vote for Harder

To the Editor: I would like to share my encouragement in supporting a strong candidate for Salem-Keizer School Board. This is a very close race between great people, all who deserve our respect for their willingness to serve. I...

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McNary student’s convenience

To the Editor: Regarding Newberg Drive student parking: There have been many incidences of cars parked in front of driveways, sometimes it’s even two times in the same day. In addition there is trash on the streets, trash on my...

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Sidewalks for Cummings

To the Editor: Hooray for Cummings Elementary School Principal Martina Mangan and school crossing guard Carol Doerfler for advocating for sidewalks adjacent to Cummings School.  A sidewalk is more than a decade overdue. Cummings...

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The conduct of Rep. Bill Post

To the Editor: I happen to agree with Mr. McCall (Letter to the Editor, April 21) to a degree with his remarks regarding the conduct of Rep. Bill Post when it comes to him representing House District 25. Bill Post, despite his...

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A lesson for Rep. Bill Post

To the Editor: I wish to thank Representative Bill Post for his article of April 28th.  He presented a lesson on how to miss the point.  Even though the bills he sponsored help low income families are admirable, would it not be...

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