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Men of the hour

The Keizer Chamber of Commerce held its annual award banquet last Saturday, honoring four men who have played an outsized role in the community. James Trett was announced as Keizer’s First Citizen for 2016. He stepped up to the...

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Parks? Cops?

Parks and cops? Parks or cops? One little word can make a huge difference in the near future of Keizer. Both are paid for from the city’s general fund budget. Both are important to the livability of the city.  But only...

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That time of the year

It is that time of year when people say “It’s that time of year to…” They mean it’s the time of year to be nice to others; to give to those less fortunate then ourselves. Toys and clothing are delivered to children in need...

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Make them prove it

America has been a tabloid kind of nation for a while now. Tabloid-style news gets attention over in-depth news that reports what is actually happening. In the past, news racks were full of periodicals with come-on cover stories...

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Local election is over

It ain’t over ‘til it’s over. And now it’s over. Laura Reid was officially declared the winner in her race for Keizer City Council Position 1 over Allen Barker this week by the Marion County elections divison. She won by 109...

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What kind of Christmas?

By LYNDON ZAITZ People celebrate Christmas in many ways and for different reasons. Some celebrate the birth of Christ, some celebrate children, some celebrate Santa Claus. Others mark the season with a mix of reasons. It can be...

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