Metal, Plastic and Gas — drive safely

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To the Editor:

The next time you are driving down the road in a hurry – to go nowhere – think about the 2,000 pounds of metal, plastic and gas, (MPG) you are directing for the safety of your life and others. Miles per gallon isn’t the only thing MPG stands for when it comes to safe driving.

You may be comfortable in your well lined interior, with music, temperature controls and GPS navigation but all that can change in an instant with a high speed collision. Speed is your worst enemy in any auto accident along with its effects on varying weather conditions. Add in a lack of attention with such distractions as phone calls, texting, applying makeup or eating and you’ll be lucky to arrive at your destination. There are also several thousand other MPG’s all around you that could be a threat to your trip.

So, forget about your plush interior, music, phone and a rush to get somewhere. Your main goal must be to get there safely while operating an MPG – metal, plastic and gas vehicle. You do that by monitoring your speed, knowing what vehicles are around you by constantly checking your rear view and side mirrors. Always use your turn signals so other drivers know what to expect. Don’t stare at the back of the vehicle directly in front of you – especially on the freeway; always look ahead three to four vehicles in all lanes so you can see how traffic is flowing.

People die in high speed collisions from fire, explosion and trauma to the body, MPG.  Let’s change that to MPG: Miles Per Gallon at lower speeds, more fuel efficiency, less wear and stress on the vehicle and a safer driving experience. This can add up to a safe drive and lower insurance rates.

Plan to arrive alive in the New Year!

John P. Rizzo
(Mr. Rizzo is a retired Oregon State Police trooper.)

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