Transition School calms fears of big change

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Karl Halvorson interviews Pablo Martinez as part of exploring journalism. (KEIZERTIMES/Eric A. Howald)

Karl Halvorson interviews Pablo Martinez as part of exploring journalism. (KEIZERTIMES/Eric A. Howald)


Of the Keizertimes 

The changes encountered in the transition from middle school to high school worry more than a few students, but Parker Kreshon won’t be so concerned when September rolls around.

“We’ve got bigger subjects, more subjects to do, and different subjects. You’d think it would be more difficult, but it’s not,” Kreshon said.

Kreshon, and approximately 120 middle school students making the jump to high school this fall, are taking part in a five-week Transition School program at McNary High School. The program is intended to alleviate jitters like the ones Kreshon expected. At the same time, participants earn a high school credit (half elective, half English) for classes in reading, writing, math and career planning.

“It kind of exceeded my expectations,” said Karl Halvorson. “It’s all stuff that is going to make everything easier in high school.”

The program was devised for students at-risk of struggling when they enter high school based on grades, attendance and behavior, but has grown to attract students who simply want a leg up when entering high school.

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