For council: Quinn, Smith

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To the Editor:

Follow my lead and write-in Brandon Smith for Council Position 2. Having lived in Keizer for 29 years I’ve seen many councilors come and go. Brandon deserves our vote and we deserve his community-wide view and reasoned approach to resolving issues. We do not deserve the emotional approach of a person with little respect for decorum at public meetings. Be sure to fill-in the box that says “Write-in” and then write-in Brandon Smith.

We should all vote for Marlene Quinn for Council Position 3. Her many years of volunteer contributions to community organizations and city committees prove she is committed, knowledgable and just simply knows more about the community and how to get things done than her competitors.

Jim Jacks


To the Editor:

I was pleased to learn that Brandon Smith would agree to continue serving as a Keizer City Councilor if he wins as a write-in candidate.

This is very fortunate for the residents of Keizer. Brandon’s years of experience along with his institutional memory on the city council are especially important this year as we need continuity in order to maintain our momentum as the city continues to move forward after the recession.  Brandon has been a strong supporter of improving the quality of life in Keizer on issues ranging from supporting youth baseball to business development.

For position number 3, Marlene Quinn is the best qualified candidate because she has demonstrated her passion for Keizer by having the most experience in volunteer committees of any of the other candidates for position number 3.

I will be writing in Brandon Smith for position number 2 and I will be voting for Marlene Quinn for position number 3 for the Keizer City Council.

Rich Walsh

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