Lore Christopher for mayor

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This editorial has been corrected. For the full correction, see below the text.


For the first time in 10 years Keizer voters have a choice for mayor. Incumbent Lore Christopher is seeking her seventh two-year term; she is being challenged by Councilor David McKane.

This is really a race between personalities and styles. But voters should make a decision on what is best for the city of Keizer. We are no longer a small town with ‘howdy neighbor politics,’ we are a sizable city with issues that will affect city traffic, city budgets and more.

What is at stake in this mayoral election? In our eyes this election is about the near future of Keizer which includes economic development that will bring tax paying businesses to our city.

In her 12 years as mayor Lore Christopher has built relationships with the other government entities that have some say over our future. Christopher has effectively used her networking skills to push along a number of projects. Of course, she didn’t do it alone—no mayor does—but she knows who to turn to when she wants something for Keizer.

In his eight years as a councilor David McKane has been relatively quiet until the last few years when he found his voice on issues like public safety fees and the annexation of the Clear Lake area from Marion County Fire District #1. But those alone don’t make him the best candidate for mayor.

The next mayor will need to have good relationships with our state legislators, Rep. Kim Thatcher and Sen. Larry George. The next mayor will have to know who to turn to in other government entities to get what she wants for Keizer. The next mayor needs to be imaginative and creative to solving issues without spending money the city does not now have.

After all these years in office Christopher is still enthusiastic about  being mayor and especially for Keizer. She is arguably our city’s biggest booster and cheerleader, a trait that can’t be underestimated.

Christopher has had some bumps in the road over the past few years. She pushed for the Clear Lake annexation by Keizer Fire, a misguided ploy, but one she felt was in the best interests of Keizer. She was for a cellphone tax to fund shortfalls in the city’s 9-1-1 fund obligations, which the council quickly rescinded after public outcry. She did not support a public safety fee on utility bills which was soundly defeated in a special election. Except for the annexation issue her political radar is pretty acute, which is important for a mayor.

David McKane is a quiet politican who is thoughtful, smart and cautious. He always wants to know more and he wants to know why.

Christopher has an outgoing personality that many citizens have experienced at the city’s many events. Likability is an important trait for a politican, but so is substance.

McKane has substance but Christopher trumps him in personality. McKane wants people to feel happy about their city government, but you can’t make everyone happy.

Both candidates are qualified to be mayor. After almost eight years on the council McKane knows of all the issues the city faces and he is deliberative in his thought process. After almost12 years as mayor Lore Christopher has the ear of those who can help Keizer. Should she win we expect this to be Christopher’s last term. After all mayors are elected to two-year terms, not for life.

We endorse Lore Christopher for mayor.



CORRECTION: The editorial initially misstated Christopher’s positions on proposed taxes related to public safety. The Keizertimes regrets the error and we are happy to set the record straight.

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