For mayor: McKane

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To the Editor:

I’m supporting David McKane for mayor of Keizer. I have known David for several years and find him to be a conscientious and considerate individual who is interested in the views and opinions of those he serves as a Keizer city councilor.

David looks at economic issues through conservative lenses in keeping with what we should expect from our elected officials. His service on the Keizer city council has informed him on the issues facing our city and has prepared him well to serve as mayor. Lore Christopher has done a fine job for the last decade but just as the interests of our community are served by many and divergent voices, so too is the leadership of our government. Our city’s motto is “Pride, Spirit and Volunteerism” and the time has come for another’s voice, David McKane.

Mike Smith


To the Editor:

David McKane is a person I have come to know and appreciate. Respect for the political process, listening with care to citizens, as well as gathering facts before making a decision are all attributes that have defined David as a councilor over the past eight years.  He carefully considers the legal aspects of an action and is among the first to query the city attorney before casting a vote on a particular issue.

Mr. McKane has the fortitude to make a tough stand and on occasions he has stood alone on the issue contrary to the rest of the city council and when those issues came before the voters of Keizer, the lone standing councilor found himself in unison with the voters of our fine city.  His only agenda is looking out for the best interest of Keizer and its citizens.  It is refreshing to see this kind of resolve in an elected official. He has earned my respect, how about yours?

I don’t think Keizer could have a better choice for mayor than David McKane. Join me in voting for David McKane to be our next mayor.

Mike Welter


To the Editor:

It’s interesting when I click on the Keizertimes link for letters in support of our current mayor that I find three letters, all from current board members of the Keizer Fire District.  It however is not that surprising as they benefited from the city’s action to try and annex the Clear Lake district, led by the mayor.  Ultimately the court ruled against the City of Keizer but one wonders how much time, effort, and money was wasted in a battle that could have been avoided by a more thorough analysis by the city, a city that is supposed to be led by the mayor.  I find that reckless and disrespectful to the citizens of Keizer.

In the process of leading the city, the current mayor seems to have forgotten the input of its citizens.  I myself testified twice on the annexation and I felt, as many others have, that the council was not listening.  It appeared that a deal was already made and allowing the citizens to speak was done as a perfunctory process.  The only two people being respectful were the city manager and councilor David McKane.  The annexation is not the only issue that has been handled in this way and many citizens are feeling apathetic about the citizen involvement process.

I was hesitant to write in and use the annexation as an example of the errors of the current leadership as it has left some deep wounds that need to heal in our community.  However these are wounds that might not be there if the city had done its homework and really listened to its citizens.

It’s time for a change in leadership and in the city council.  We can start by voting for McKane for mayor this election.

Debra Welter

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