For council: Ken LeDuc

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To the Editor:

Please join me in voting for Ken LeDuc for the Keizer city council.  Mr. LeDuc is an active board member of the West Keizer Neighborhood Association, past member of Keizer Tennis Association and is an advocate for a fiscally responsible city government.  His tireless efforts to improve neighborhood parks, encourage citizen involvement in their government, and encourage a more open local government will serve Keizer well.

Although not a council member at the time, I know Mr. LeDuc did not support collecting extra fees from taxpayers through a cell phone tax nor a public safety fee collected through your Keizer water bill. There is now a bizarre campaign to return the incumbent to the city council via a write in campaign. This same incumbent supported both attempts to collect extra fees from Keizer taxpayers.

Ken LeDuc will be a respectful councilor that will bring a new perspective to the council based  on fiscally responsible city government. Please join me in voting for Ken LeDuc for Keizer city council position #2.

Rick Hammerquist



To the Editor:

I have known for many months now that Ken LeDuc sincerely wants City Council Position #2 and would like the opportunity to bring forth new ideas and listen to the opinions of the people of Keizer.  He has demonstrated his good intentions and sometimes asking the tough questions to City Council and Staff.  He strives to get the most information out to the citizens that he can and he has supported the side of several controversial issues that the majority of the citizens in Keizer also favored in recent elections, specifically the fire and tax issues.

Ken has worked on various projects in the city, served on several committees, and supported improvements at Keizer Rapids Park and other Keizer parks   As Vice-President of the West Keizer Neighborhood Association he has always gone after the facts and shared the information with the members and I know that he will continue to do that for you!  We need council members who will speak up for what they believe in, but also ask what the citizens think!  I encourage you to vote for a candidate who has the total support of his family and friends and will dedicate his time to continuing to make Keizer the “best place to live”.

Rhonda Rich

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