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To the Editor:

I have know Marlene for years and she has been actively involved in our community ever since moving here.  She was involved in the schools when her girls were attending them, she was involved in her neighborhood (Marlene use to live in the neighborhood that does the Christmas lights) and she got involved with the city.

Marlene chose to live in Keizer, after living all over the world she decided Keizer was her home and chose to stay here.  She has given countless hours to this community to help keep it the city we want it to be.  Marlene understands what an important thing the community “family” is.  She has always looked at any question with the attitude ‘is this good for the entire City of Keizer?’  She would not just represent herself or have a one sided personal agenda.  Marlene can work with others and will strive to make all decisions that affect this community the best ones possible.

Marlene is a hard worker and will come to Council meetings totally prepared to do the City’s business.  She is not afraid to ask the tough questions and get all the answers she can from staff, fellow Councilors and most importantly you, the Keizer citizen.  Marlene realizes how important it is to be accessible to the public and to listen to all points of view.  There is no doubt in my mind that once Marlene makes a decision, that it is a decision she has come to after weighing all the information she has gleaned.  If you get the chance to talk with Marlene, please do so.  I think you will find her open, honest and willing to listen.

I may not always agree with the conclusion that Marlene would come up with, but I would know that she got there based on reliable information, research (when necessary) and her ethic stance of representing the entire City.  I personally believe that one cannot ask for more than this.  Please join me in voting for Marlene Quinn for Keizer City Council.

Jacque Moir

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