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For years the acreage at Chemawa Road and Interstate 5 was called the Chemawa Activity Center. We now know that area as Keizer Station Area A. Keizer Station is a more descriptive name that the orginal, although Area A is yet an inelegant moniker.

The development in the southwest quadrant of Keizer Station is known as Area C. Now that there are plans on paper for the next iteration of that plot we need to name it something that conjures up a vision for potential tenants, visitors and ourselves.

Saying that one is going to, say,  Chemawa Crossing is better than saying “I’m going to Area C.” That part of Keizer Station will be the first introduction many visitors will have to the city of Keizer once inside our border. Such a gateway should have a name that gives it heft, a name that says you are somewhere.

Naming that part of Keizer Station Chemawa Crossing (a nice tie-in to Keizer Station) would give the city and the developers a specific marketing hook. It would allow Keizer residents to feel good about the development. Area C sounds too clinical, too industrial.

A big box superstart is not included in the new plans. That design has been replaced with a plan for several smaller retail spaces and more housing units than previously proposed. We think that Keizer has a unique opportunity to show that Keizer can compete with larger cities in our aesthetics. Apartment complexes are part of the new Chemawa Crossing (or Area C) development; the city should demand that the apartment buildings are not the same old designs that have been used for apartment buildings for decades.  The Portalnd metropolitan area offers plenty of examples of modern, good looking architecture that signals they are part of the 21st century.

Two- and three-story townhouse-type buildings with garages on the bottom level. Craftsman style, Tuscan style, a design that says we care how we look to others. Just because we are a bedroom community doesn’t mean we have to look like it.

Let’s turn Area C into something that says we’re a great place to live, work, and shop.  Let’s begin that process by giving it a name that means something: Chemawa Crossing, anyone?


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