[UPDATED] Budget requests ready for committee’s vote

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Editor’s note: This story has been updated to include the budget committee’s recommendations. They are added in bold.

It’s budget season at the City of Keizer, which means local groups are lining up to request small (and a couple of not-quite-as-small) budget appropriations for a variety of causes.

Keizer Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center

Amount sought: $16,360.

What they got: $3,500 for an informational tourist kiosk, $1,080 to operate community-wide calendar, $500 for Interstate 5 signs, $800 for a booth at a tourism conference, $5,000 for police services at the Iris Festival parade and $3,000 to restore and repair holiday lights posted along River Road. Total: $13,900

Current year’s appropriation: $0, but the city has budgeted to pay police overtime for the Iris Festival parade.

What for? The chamber is the primary organization promoting visitors services in Keizer. Included in their request are funds for an iRIS (Information Referral Internet Station) kiosk at the Keizer Civic Center, maintaining Christmas decorations hung yearly on utility poles, conference attendance, co-op advertising, signage and welcome gift bags.

The chamber had received some $11,000 prior to this current budget year from hotel and motel taxes. That amount was cut to zero as the city kept the money for civic center promotion and maintenance. City Manager Chris Eppley said the facility’s role in bringing in outside visitors justified the move.

Festival of Lights Holiday Parade

Amount sought: $5,000 in trade.

What they got: $5,000 in trade.

Current year’s appropriation: $3,500 in trade

What for? The non-profit parade is tentatively scheduled for December 8. Their requests touts positive impact to businesses along with funds and goods raised for Marion-Polk Food Share and the Les Schwab Toy Drive.

The group has offered to pay the city’s overtime costs for police protection, but seeks use of the civic center for a hospitality event and supplies like cones and barricades for the parade route.

Keizer Art Association

Amount sought: $3,000.

What they got: $0.

Current year’s appropriation: $0.

What for? The request would pay for a new computer and the association’s expenses for the Mayor’s Art Gala.

West Keizer Neighborhood Association.

Amount sought: $500

What they got: $500.

Current year’s appropriation: $400.

What for? Funds would cover $300 of signage, an annual website fee of $100 and $100 in office supplies. Intent is to “enhance and increase communication to our members.”

The association was funded at $1,500 between 2006-7 and 2008-9, increased to $2,000 in 2009-10 and slashes to $850 in 2010-11, with further cuts in 2011-12.

Salem-Keizer Education Foundation

Amount sought: $5,000.

What they got: $5,000.

Current year’s appropriation: $4,000.

What for? Money pays for middle-school before-and-after school programs. Claggett Creek and Whiteaker schools see combined attendance of more than 500 students at the programs, and activities include leadership, recreation, hobby and sport-based activities. The program helps fill gaps left behind by cuts to middle school wrestling, volleyball and drama. They also serve supper to students through a federal program.

Peer Court

Amount sought: $21,300.

What they got: $21,300.

Current year’s appropriation: $19,300.

What for? Peer Court provides a diversion process for misdemeanor and violation youth offenses. The alleged must be between ages 12-17. The request describes peer court as a “restorative justice model imposing sanctions that meet the needs of the youth offenders, families and the community.”

Since 2004, 856 young people have participated in a court hearing, with 91 percent successfully completing it. The program will not continue without funding, said Peer Court Coordinator Cari Emery.

Keizer Renaissance Inn (for Good Vibrations motorcycle parade)

Amount sought: $3,000

What they got: $3,000.

Current year’s appropriation: $0, but last year the city donated use of its civic center facilities and police department overtime for a breakfast and motorcycle parade.

What for? While the event has relocated to the Salem riverfront for 2012, Keizer’s hotel will be an official host for the event. Sherrie Gottfried, of the hotel, said the event brought in about 1,300 bikes while at Keizer Station last year, but reached 4,000 in 2010 when the bulk of activities were in Salem. She said rains throughout the festival weekend in 2011 likely played a large role.

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