Mary Jo Hanna

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Mary Jo Hanna passed away peacefully on Sept. 22, 2011, six months after her 100th birthday.

She was born in Seattle, WA and lived there throughout her school years.

The depression era found her in Texas both in the Rio Grande Valley and Dallas. She had very vivid memories of what it was like to have no food for a day or often more.

In the year 1937 she was able to make a car trip from Dallas, TX to Seattle, WA and was in one of the first cars to cross the newly opened Golden Gate Bridge, an experience she never forgot.

She was working in a Dallas office building during World War II handing out gas rationing coupons when she learned of an opportunity to move back to her beloved Seattle. It was in Seattle that she met her husband Hugh, a by-chance introduction that led to many happy years of marriage.

“Jo” and Hugh moved to Keizer in the 1960s where Hugh had taken the position of administrator of Willamette Lutheran Homes. They resided in Wilark Park and she enjoyed becoming a member of Salem Area Grow and Show, Wilark Park Garden Club and Audubon Society.  She loved gardening and flower arranging but most of all she loved her friends, her animals, a good joke, a martini and expensive chocolate. She spent the majority of her 100 years living out her life philosophy “You just have to take hold of yourself and decide you are going to do it!”

Services will be held 2:00 p.m., Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service. Interment will be in Seattle WA. In lieu of flowers please make a donation in honor of Jo to Salem Area Friends of Felines.

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