PROGRESS REPORT: Keizer Little League

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Keizer Little League provides a quality baseball/ softball program to the youth of Keizer. We have been in the Keizer community for 40 years.

Keizer has always had great success with baseball and softball because of the values and commitments of the organizations such as Keizer Little League. We offer a great all-star program. Children that choose to play beyond the regular season  that strive for the all-star program will have an opportunity to play with other children in competitive baseball and softball in Little League tournaments. Keizer Little League offers the program to all youth of Keizer, regardless of ability to pay. Scholarships are available upon request.

Our biggest success in 2010 was providing the best baseball and softball program to the youth of Keizer, regardless of the ability to pay.

Field availability will be challenging this year.  There are fewer baseball and softball fields each year to be able to accommodate the youth of Keizer. We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to join our program. We will continue to try to keep the rates affordable for families so that their children have opportunity to play little league.

The support from the Keizer community will help Keizer Little League continue to be the best baseball and softball program in Keizer.

Cari Buchholz is president of Keizer Little League.

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